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Hekapoo by TesArtist Hekapoo by TesArtist

Hekapoo from Star vs the Forces of Evil
Timmy-22222001 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017
Your not the only from the looks of it TesArtist and you won't be the last either!

Sorry to see your picture here didn't get more praise noted for its quality and holy scissors did you ever go a grand ole job on her.  Along with capturing her look I do give you an extra tip of the hat the way you took into account to adding your own spin to her with the improvements to the face and making her a little less wide in some respects to the original.

And wide I don't mean body but overall look for entirely.  She's draw super wide with her hair and dress and though that is still present here I like how you balance it out more to make her looks more believable but still keeping all the sass and charm to her like any fan would want.

And damn good pose to show off that sass to her too.  The arms tucked in giving that sense of innocence but at the same time the sinister grin and movement of her eyes says otherwise, lol.  Like that you did with your lines around her head with making the hair really rough to look at and honestly given her rather demonic design, it seems much more fitting in adding in that extra detail.

Like best of all where the colors comes in and not just the right colors you chose but how you make this picture glow with energy and really cast a bright and shiny light to capture your attention.  You get the lighting down on your work too damn good if you ask me making that nice sense of the flame present throughout her hair, body, and even the face and eyes too.  You do very well to add in the shading that you do keeping aspects like the dress, the hair and parts of her face that much more hidden and in the overall it just gives everything that much more depth and making the detail you put in that much more prominent to standing out.

Sorry this comment is so damn long, but cheers to your efforts here TesArtist, your a very talented artist.

TesArtist Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Oh wow, thank you so much!!!! :D
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